What people are saying about Angel Connections...

Stacey did an 'Angel Reading' for me recently. I was a bit skeptical at first. I have never heard of nor ever experienced a reading over the phone before. I always thought I had to be present in the room with the service provider, in order to get an accurate reading. I was AMAZED that this was, indeed, not the case!

Stacey only asked me a few general questions; she never pressed me for any personal information. Therefore, she had no way of knowing if the information she was sharing with me had any value or not. She gave no false pretenses that she knew what the information meant either. She always asked me "does this make any sense?" Stacey lets you, the individual, decipher the information. And let me tell you, she was right on! I did not have to "dig deep" to try to find meaning to what she was conveying to me.

I am a true believer and I am much at peace with all of the information I received during my session with Stacey. Her energy exudes a positivity and calmness that is indescribable. I have no doubt in my mind that Stacey has a genuine gift and am so thankful that she is willing to share it!

Jen T., RI

I am an extremely skeptical person by nature, so when I sat down with Stacey for an angel reading, I wasn’t expecting the reading to be such a powerful experience. During the reading, Stacey really keyed in on several issues challenging me right now and offered insight about how my guardian angels are watching over me and guiding me in the direction that is right for me. I really liked the way Stacey presented the information she was receiving. She lays out the cards and explains their meaning.... I was very surprised that the cards were spot on in their reflection of what is happening in my life. I found my angel reading both helpful and comforting.

Amy D., MA

Stacey, I love the reading you did for me. Every once in a while I read it just because. Wow. I think it's the best reading I have had to date. Thank you. :)

Tracy A., MA

It was a wonderfully powerful reading Stacey gave me over the phone. Straight off, she listed ways I could bring more happiness and joy into my life, little things I could do to nourish my soul, fun things, down-to-earth things. What she did not know is that before she called I had written my goal for the reading at the top of a blank sheet of paper: "More conscious connection with love, joy, kindness." Bullseye! She also answered a deep mystery that had puzzled me for years. The answer touched me deeply. I still feel light-hearted and this was days ago. Every time I read over my notes I pick up something new.

This was not the first reading I've had but it was my first with Stacey. If this topic interests you, I definitely recommend connecting with Stacey. Why put off joy any longer? Plus with a phone reading you can be in your jammies.

Paula F., MA

What people are saying about Animal Connections...

Stacey, you will be pleased, thrilled and happy to know that TODAY after your talk with my friend's dog she started eating again and she also ran to him looking for loving. Until now she had not eaten or wanted affection since the incident a few days ago!!! THANK YOU - my friend is sooo grateful! Cathy G., MA

Wow! --Bruce M., Costa Rica

What people are saying about IET® sessions...

Our first experience with Stacey was a remote reading on our youngest dog.  Right away Stacey was accurate with information regarding why she was having issues.  It was very helpful but we decided the next step should be a remote IET session for her.  Again, there were so many situations addressed, including my relationship with my dog and my training.  Something told me it was time to ask Stacey to do a remote IET session on me.  I've shared this with a few very close people and they were in awe.  There aren't many people who know me as well as Stacey was able to uncover remotely.  The next day I felt an immediate shift in areas she addressed.  I still feel lighter, happier and more accepting of myself.  My dog is less aggressive and a bit more confident.  I believe Stacey is responsible for facilitating the healing process for both of us.  She came into our lives at the perfect time to help us grow.  I would highly recommend the remote sessions for animals and people.

Jill S., MA

I chose to have my first ever reiki session with Stacey and while we discussed the options and she explained the IET method I really felt drawn to IET.  I am a hands on kind of person so that resonated with me.  She did both Reiki and IET during our session.  The session was not only a learning experience for me, but also the beginning of deeper awareness and healing.  After our session I began to incorporate what she taught me in my meditations and continue to cleanse myself from old energy.  It really has healing powers for the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental aspects for me.  I would highly recommend Stacey for her commitment and passion for her work and for healing others heal! 

Linda, North Attleboro, MA